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In honor and memory of one of the most amazing dynamic, giving, humble, kind, and generous person I have ever met, Heidi Higgins, we, here at Tree-K Studios want to share a project that Tree-K Studios had teamed up with Stride in 2022 to create the music used in some of K12 On Learning Podcasts. 


Below you will find just one of the many podcast hosted by Heidi Higgins to whom we are honoring on this page. She will be greatly missed by the many lives that she touched throughout her life. We love you, Heidi - Always!

Before we share the podcast below, we would like to introduce you to K12 On Learning.


K12 On Learning, sponsored by Stride, is a series of podcasts where they discuss not only their K12 story but they also showcase how online teachers, parents, and students work together.  In addition, they seeks out topics, stories, and tips for their community of listeners. 

In the project below that we provided the music for, it is a podcast highlighting the best of 2021 with Heidi Higgins as the host. This particular episode will give you a good idea of the wide variety and quality of episodes you can expect from K12 On Learning.

Jan 5th, 2022 | 15:46

A New Year to Celebrate Beginnings and a Look Back at Where We Have Been

Happy New Year! We continue to celebrate the exciting future of education and bring

you ideas and experiences that will help your family be successful while learning online.

But first, we wanted to look back at where we have been.

A New Year to Celebrate....K12 On Learning
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