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 Orchestral Music 
Bo's Melody

Writing Bo's Melody

This orchestral composition was composed and arranged around a melody that was written by 7 year old Bowen Bannister. His beautiful melody is captured in one form or another throughout this piece. 


If you are more than a passive listener, you will be able to hear the melody played in reverse in the intro and outro and then there is a "modified" version of the melody w/increased energy, created in the bridge to give the listener a little more excitement; which allows this melody to be heard all the way through, hence the name, "Bo's Melody".


This is one of my very favorite projects so far.  It contains exciting piano, string, woodwind and harp arpeggios with beautiful and flowing harmonies; combined with building, cinematic type drums to drive the music to its exciting end. Violin and Viola counter melodies provide a little ear candy as the excitement builds and the beautiful analog synth provides a special kind of sparkle that is hard to describe as the composition begins its journey.

I hope you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed writing it!  If you find time to listen more than once, you may find that you hear new instruments each time; which you will discover makes you more than a passive listener too!!

Thank you for listening!

Bo's Melody

Orchestral Instrumental with piano,string, woodwind, & harp arpeggios.  The beautiful and flowing harmonies combined with the building, cinematic type drums drive the piece and keep it moving forward to its exciting end. Perfect background music for events, film or TV. It can also be used for smaller segments/stems upon request.

Bo's MelodyTree Bannister co Author Bowen Bannister
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Photography by: Natasha Hollowell @ Lookin Sharp Photography/follow on Instagram @

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